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Osteopathy/5th October 2023

Avoiding back pain in golf

Poor technique, carrying heavy golf bags, lack of warming up can contribute to neck or back strain.

Follow these tips to avoid back pain in golf and enjoy your sport:

  1. Warm Up – Many golfers don’t warm up at all before a game. If muscles and joints are not prepared before a game then this can increase your chances of strain and injury. If the middle back and hips don’t rotate enough during the swing, it can take it out on the lower back. Follow this guide for avoiding back pain in golf with these pre game stretches: https://golfshub.com/golf-stretches-to-improve-flexibility/

  2. Watch Your Posture – Try to avoid an hunched over posture where the curve of the lower back is lost because of tucked under hips, or an over-exaggerated curve in the lower back due to over arching the lumbar spine. Ask a friend to watch you as you swing to see which posture you’re adopting.

  3. Watch your Swing – try to avoid over arching your low back in the back swing which can lead to back strain. See here for further advice and for avoiding back pain in golf.

  4. Watch What You Caddy – Pulling a trolley instead of carrying a golf bag may not be the best way to caddy clubs. They can cause unnecessary strain from pulling. An electric caddy is better.

  5. Bend Ze Knees! – when bending over to plant/pick up tees, replacing divots etc, bend from the hips and knees rather than the back.

 Did you know the average golfer will walk 12 000 steps during one round of golf?

Osteopathic treatment can be helpful in improving joint and spine flexibility. to improve your game. Consider Sports Osteopathy to improve your game. Please Contact me for more information in Wilmslow.