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Phone: 01625 533813 A Holistic approach to Back Care and Treatment

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Opening hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 9.00am-6.00pm.
  • All major credit cards accepted

For emergency appointments outside of these times, please send an enquiry.

Prior to any face to face appointments, a free telephone consultation will be offered to discuss your condition and general health.


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Wilmslow CAM Clinic, 6C Hawthorn Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1AA

Tel: 01625 533813 / 07547 631679

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Osteopathy Wilmslow

OSTEOPATHY for Everyone

Our body is a marvel. But in order for it to work in the best way, it needs to be able to function well too.  Perhaps you have been aware of general ache and stiffness for some time? It’s only when the pain becomes harder to dismiss and starts interfering with your daily life, especially your sleep, that you decide to do something about it. Osteopathy can help this.

Osteopathy can help the following conditions, which may be affecting you:

  • General joint aches and pains, rheumatic pain and arthritic pain
  • General, acute & chronic back pain
  • Neck pain, mechanical or following injury
  • Headache arising from the neck and upper back
  • Minor soft tissue injuries; muscle and tendon strains, ligament sprains


What happens when you see an Osteopath?

As an osteopath, I look at your whole body from the feet up – how your balance is in each leg, the muscle tone in your calves, your hips, and up your back. Then I look to see if everything is equal and working in sync. Is your posture balanced? Can you do basic spinal movements? If not, what is stopping you?

It might seem as though I look at parts of the body where you don’t have any pain, but I am looking to see how the whole body interrelates so that I can establish where your pain is coming from. What’s happening in the area of the pain? What structures are under stress and strain?  This guides me towards the best way to ease that pain for you.


What can you expect during your Osteopathic consultation?


Before you come to see me for a consultation we will first have a telephone consultation to complete a HEALTH SCREENING FORM and COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT FORM.

This will mean that when I see you face to face, all the information has been already given so I can give you a careful musculoskeletal examination and treatment in the contact time we have.  I will then complete a CASE HISTORY FORM.

As we work together to find out what the problem is through looking at the functions of your spine, a pattern of dysfunction may start to emerge. My patients often feel relieved to know that their symptoms make sense!


What can you expect after your Osteopathic treatment?

You may feel your body change immediately after our consultation.  I can advise you how to manage any post treatment soreness, which is usually short lived and will go away within 48 hours. We can also discuss postural advice and exercises for you to take home and continue.


For more information: CONTACT ME

To book an appointment: BOOKING FORM


My aim is to provide the best care I can for you taking all the necessary COVID-19 safeguarding precautions for a face to face consultation.

Let’s work together to get you back in control of your body and enjoy a healthy and comfortable life!

What you may like to know

Here is information you may like to know prior to having an osteopathic consultation:
  1. Patient forms – information I need to know before I see you.
  2. Consultation and treatment – let’s get you out of pain as soon as possible, it can really bring you down!
  3. You start to feel better. How are we going to stop this becoming a recurring theme?
  4. By looking at your weight and body health, we can see where you are in relation to the healthy ranges. Would you like help and advice with your eating?
  5. Increase your general activity which will help with back and joint pain. Let’s look at ways to get you out and about a bit more. You can join me in Nordic Walking around Wilmslow, which fits into most people’s lifestyle. Or let’s talk about alternative ways to get you moving.

Treatment, for the most part, is very gentle.

Although the affected area may be very sensitive or painful, I will work carefully within your tolerance of pain. Osteopathy massage can be uncomfortable but putting you under too much pain is counter-productive as it will create even more muscle tension. I will use only as much pressure as is necessary to be effective. The minimal necessary force is also used with spinal joint adjustments. I will always stop if you’re feeling too uncomfortable.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Help during Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak


Patient Information Sheet

The above sheet will provide patient information that you may like to know prior to having an osteopathic consultation.

Health Screening Form 

It is necessary for me to complete the Health Screening form with you before your consultation, so I am aware of details about your general health. This is to ensure I provide appropriate treatment and advice.

GDPR Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy

Please CONTACT ME with any queries

Osteopathy for Sports

Osteopathy for Sports

What are the benefits?

Did you know osteopathy can identify problems related to sports and training? This is by looking at the muscles, bones and tissues affected by injury, postural problems, and training. As a result, this can provide a broad approach which helps to identify wider issues which can contribute to a localised pain or specific complaint. Osteopaths focus on the whole body to find out what is out of balance.

Following a full functional assessment, the problems can be treated using massage, physical manipulation, muscle stretching.  As a result, this ensures your body is in its optimum state and you can function well and confidently.

Sports osteopathy can diagnose and treat current sporting injuries. It can also help in trying to prevent other sporting injuries. Seeing an osteopath regularly means you can enjoy a body that is more ‘in tune’. By doing this the risk of injury can be reduced, regardless of what sporting activities you do.

A routine visit for sports osteopathy can help:

  • Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after workouts
  • Reduce joint restriction and improve joint mobility
  • Break-down scar tissue
  • Reduce your body’s recovery time
  • Encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthen muscles and ligaments
  • Improve muscle tone and performance

For years I’ve been helping runners prepare for events (see here). In return for raising funds for charities, I am willing to offer a reduction in fees for my services for charity runners  with pre and post-run treatment.

For more information, please CONTACT ME

To book an appointment: BOOKING FORM


Weight and Back Care Management

Many people with painful long term joint or back conditions can become less active. This pain sends them on a downward spiral. Reduced activity leads to weight gain, which leads to further joint pain and then restriction of movement.

As part of my osteopathic service, I can help you overcome these problems by increasing your activity in a managed way as well as monitoring your weight for no extra charge.

If you would like help with reducing your weight, we can discuss what you eat on a daily basis and the time you eat it during a typical day. I will ask you to record it in a FOOD DIARY. This gives us a starting point to discuss what changes may need to be made in your daily eating pattern when we compare it to NATIONAL DIETARY GUIDELINES.

We will look at your diet to make sure you are getting the best vitamins and minerals necessary for optimum bone and joint health.

Bringing your weight down will reduce stress on your joints and lead to less pain.

We can monitor your progress using a BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSER , which calculates your:

  • Bone and Muscle Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • % Body Fat

One way to help you become more active and improve your posture and walking gait is through NORDIC WALKING TECHNIQUE

CLICK HERE to find out more information about how this can help. 

If you would like to discuss any of these issues with me, please CONTACT ME or call me on 01625 533813 / 07547 631679

To book an appointment: BOOKING FORM

Body Composition Analysis - Blood Pressure Checks

Would you like to know more about your Body Composition?

I offer a BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS as part of my service. I use a medically approved Tanita Body Composition Analyser.

It provides accurate body composition results.  For instance, body fat percentage and body fat mass. It uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.

Body Composition Analysis can give you a true indicator of your inner health.

As you try to improve your health, regular check-ups monitor your progress. This is through exercise, diet and lifestyle.


Fat Mass is the actual weight of fat in your body. Body Fat Percentage is the proportion of fat to the total body weight.

Body fat is essential for maintaining body temperature. It cushions joints and protects internal organs.

Our body needs energy that comes from what we eat and drink. Energy is burned through physical activity and general bodily functions.

When you consume more than you burn, excess calories are stored in fat cells. Stored fat that is not converted into energy creates excess body fat.

Too much fat can damage your long-term health.

Reducing excess levels of body fat can directly reduce the risk of certain conditions.  These include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Too little body fat is also undesirable. It can lead to osteoporosis in later years. It can also causes irregular periods in women and possible infertility.

Using this analyser, I will offer you advice and support.  The aim is to improve your diet and activity levels. As a result, this will bring your body composition measurements into normal healthy levels.

I also offer free blood pressure checks.

Do you want to change your diet and lifestyle for a healthy blood pressure measurement?  Undiagnosed high blood pressure is a silent killer.  You can have a free check during your appointment with me.

For more information CONTACT ME or call 01625 533813 / 07547 631 679

Wilmslow Care Home Osteopathic Service

I offer a Wilmslow care home osteopathic service to the older adult community.

**Covid-19 Precautions – In view of the Covid-19 outbreak, I regret that I can no longer offer this service at this time**

One of my particular passions is working in the Wilmslow community.  I offer a Wilmslow Care Home Osteopathic Service with local Wilmslow care homes and their residents.  This includes those within warden control flats or independent living care homes.

These are for people who can’t get out to my clinic. Perhaps the physical effort to get out and come to me is just too much.

I have previously done work with the local Wilmslow community. The specific training I have undergone enables me to help and advise those with DISABILITY AND STABLE MEDICAL CONDITIONS to exercise safely.

I offer a portable Wilmslow care home osteopath consultation service. I bring a treatment table and anything else I need. Treating these clients in their own environment helps them feel safer.

Perhaps you have parents in a care home setting, either independent living or council run in the Wilmslow area?

I have also been trained in CHAIR BASED EXERCISE . I am able to provide a 1 hour weekly seated exercise class in the Wilmslow community. For a minimal charge per person based in a main care home lounge. I go through all the joints to get them moving in a seated position and get the residents moving about.  They learn the movements and can do it for themselves at other times if they need to.

It’s an easy exercise routine to follow each time. 

The idea is that they don’t need to wait for another week before I come back – whenever they feel stiff or haven’t moved, they can do the exercises I have taught them.

CONTACT ME if you’re interested in getting something organised for your family member and I can speak to the care home involved.

Social activity is good for their memory, learning something new to add to their daily routine. The exercises help with coordination and building muscle mass.

My seated exercise class helps with fall prevention too.

Older adults can fall because they feel unsteady. This can happen if they’re spending a lot of time sitting and then need to get up to use the toilet. For example, they can have a drop in blood pressure.

I teach them to get their body moving a little bit before they need to get up. Get them into the habit of getting their system moving first.  A few calf pump exercises particularly help. This prepares their body into getting up. As a result it can stop them from feeling wobbly and falling, stumbling or losing their footing.

If you would like a free chat about how I could help your Wilmslow care home residents with their mobility, please call:

01625 533813  / 07547 631679

Or please CLICK HERE to discuss this any further.

Nordic Walking Technique

“Nordic walking technique can help improve your posture and walking gait”

I have a particular interest in helping you find a long-term solution for your back and joint care. One of the ways you can overcome the problems caused by inactivity, poor posture and weight gain is using Nordic Walking Technique in Wilmslow.

I believe that the benefits of this technique can really break you out of the cycle of inactivity and weight gain from being inactive and in pain.

I personally find it very helpful for my own musculoskeletal health and wellbeing.  I’d really like to share the benefits of this with you.

As a qualified NORDIC WALKING INSTRUCTOR in Wilmslow, I can help you learn Nordic Walking Technique.

Walking using Nordic Walking poles enhances the natural shoulder and arm swing movement that should accompany a normal walking pattern.

“Let me help relieve your pain and get you going!”

Nordic walking is a full-body exercise that’s easy on the joints.  It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. As a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor, I can offer to introduce you to the many benefits of Nordic Walking Technique. You cab have one-to-one Nordic Walking tuition in Wilmslow as part of your consultations with me.

I can help you become much more aware of the correct heel/toe movement you should feel through your feet as you walk using this technique. Using Nordic Walking poles engages the upper body muscles. This helps bring about forward body propulsion. Walking this way uses more skeletal muscles.

It’s a great calorie burner!

You will experience the benefits from the muscles that are being engaged as you walk with the poles.  The aim is to reproduce the same upright posture, arm swing and heel to toe movement when you walk without the poles!

Walk This Way and do your 10,000 steps with me!

We can easily walk out a good part of those steps in one session! All classes are available on request.  Please CONTACT ME for more information on regular Nordic Walking classes in Wilmslow.

If you’d like to discuss anything mentioned above, please call me on 01625 533813 / 07547 631679.

 About me

I’ve been an osteopath for nearly 30 years!

I’m from a medical family and always wanted a career in healthcare. However, I didn’t really want to do it in a hospital setting.  Instead, I wanted to be community based. I felt this gave me more freedom to offer people more time to help them.

I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1991. After which I became an Associate Osteopath in a practice in Cambridge. Since 1999, I’ve lived and worked in Wilmslow as an Osteopath in my own clinic.

My aim is to treat clients in a 1:1 setting without a hurried consultation time.

This means we have the opportunity to discuss your concerns in a relaxed setting. We can also deal with any other factors that come up through the consultation.

Throughout my career, I’ve had lots of experience working with different therapists and clinics, as well as working in my own clinic.

Over the years I’ve been in practice, I’ve seen people of all ages and occupations.

It may be surprising, but manual work and heavy lifting are not the major causes of the pain that people see me about.

My most frequent patients are those in the 35-55 age group with occupations that mean they remain seated most of the day.

Prolonged sitting without proper back support and desks set up in the wrong position can result in repetitive strain to areas of the spine. This, combined with wear and tear changes that happen in the spine in this age range, starts to take its toll resulting in aches and pains.

I am AXA PPP and BUPA registered.

I’m also registered with the GENERAL OSTEOPATHIC COUNCIL (GOsC). This regulates all osteopaths to ensure we maintain a strict code of professional conduct. it also ensures we continue to update and refresh our knowledge.

Why don’t you contact me to let me know what is concerning you?

To book an appointment: BOOKING FORM

About Me

25th Anniversary Celebration

Presentation of Diploma of Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy by HRH The Princess Royal in 1991

Click here

25th Anniversary, Presentation of Diploma of Osteopathy by HRH Princess Royal in 1990 to Julia KInsey

Osteopathic Treatment Initial Consultation and Treatment

The first consultation and treatment. Lasts approx. 1 hour.

Book Here£55 (1 Hour)

Osteopathic Subsequent treatments

Ongoing appointments to continue treatment

Book Here£48

Video consultations

Video consultation - discussion of symptom history, movement assessment (wear light clothing) and remedial advice

Book Here£35 (approx 1 hr)

Wilmslow Care Home Seated Exercise Class

I can arrange and hold a 1 hour seated exercise class with residents of Wilmslow care homes.

Contact MeTBC

Nordic Walking Initial Instruction

One-to-one or small group tuition to introduce you to the many benefits of Nordic Walking Technique (1hr).

Contact Me£15 or £10 pp (group rate)

Nordic Walking Subsequent lessons

I organise walks in local parks around Wilmslow such as The Carrs Park, Styal Country Park and the Bollin Valley Way. Poles provided.

Contact Me £10

Wellbeing Walks

Wellbeing Walks in Wilmslow. Nordic Walking poles provided free. £5 goes to The British Heart Foundation

Contact Me£5.00 (1 hour)
Osteopathy/5th June 2020

Avoiding Back Pain While Gardening

Top tips to avoid Back Pain while Gardening

When the spring arrives it’s tempting to get out in the garden and do as much as we can while the weather is dry! Repetitive actions such as weeding, digging and using the wheelbarrow can lead to back pain. Here are some tips to help our backs from becoming …

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News, Osteopathy/18th May 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Wilmslow

How I can help you during this outbreak.

I have been working towards preparing the clinic, under the Government guidelines …

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Osteopathy/5th February 2020

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Did you know osteopathy can identify problems such as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) related to sports and training?

Osteopaths look at the muscles, bones and tissues affected by injury, postural …

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Do you need an Osteopathic 'MOT'?

Osteopathic ‘MOT’ as we get older

Our bodies can be likened to a car that needs regular servicing and maintenance as we get older!  We can sometimes feel aches and tensions in our body frame as we get older. A presumption is made that this is to be ‘expected’ and all part of getting older.  Osteopathic …

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Events, Nordic Walking/1st February 2020

Wellbeing Walks in Wilmslow

Wilmslow Wellbeing Walks

I’m raising money for the British Heart Foundation during February 2020 with wellbeing walks in Wilmslow. I’d be so grateful for your support.

The BHF is the nation’s heart charity and the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research. Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer but they …

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Osteopathy/30th January 2020

Have I Slipped A Disc?

What is a “slipped disc”?

The first thing to say about a slipped disc is that it hasn’t “slipped”! This is a complete misnomer. Discs can’t slip, they are held in place with strong ligaments.  However, they can bulge and press against a nerve root in the spine. The worse …

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Nordic Walking, Osteopathy/29th January 2020

Poor footwear and back pain!

Poor footwear, especially high heels, cause problems from the big toe right up to the spine causing back pain.

The first area we see problems are painful lumps (called bunions) on the outside of your big toe.  Typically a bunion forms from pressure on the front of the foot causing a deviation in the bones of the big toe. It creates …

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Osteopathy/27th January 2020

Helping back pain through sleep

Why is Sleep Important in helping Back Pain?

When back pain affects you, you might despair of ever getting a good nights sleep. Not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep can actually make you more sensitive to pain. It can be a vicious circle if back pain makes it harder to sleep and when you can’t sleep your back …

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Love Your Liver Month!

Do You Love Your Liver?

Love your Liver Month! The liver is the largest gland, and the largest solid organ in the body. If you place your right hand over the area under the ribs on the right side of your body, it will just about cover the area of your liver.

It holds approximately 13% of your total blood supply at …

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Best Bed for a Bad Back

Do you feel you are not getting the most out of your sleep?

Perhaps you could consider the following 10 tips to see if you need a better bed for a bad back:

  1. Before spending money on a new bed see if a stiff board under a mattress can improve a sagging base. 
  2. Don’t be taken in the description on the product such as …
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An Introduction to Nordic Walking

What is Nordic Walking?

Founded in Finland and used as a cross-country skiing summer training method.  Nordic walking uses specially designed poles to engage the upper body during fitness walking. Involving the upper body takes some of the effort from the lower limbs and propels the body forward. This makes …

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Osteopathy/16th October 2019

This Is Spinal Manipulation

Why do I hear a ‘Click’ during spinal manipulation?

Osteopaths use a technique called High Velocity Thrust (or HVT). This is a safe, relatively gentle spinal manipulation to restore normal movement and function in the joints of the spine. It takes the joint just slightly further than it is used to going.

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News/4th October 2019

National Poetry Day 2019

National Poetry Day generates an explosion of activity nationwide, thousands of amazing events across the UK. As a result, schools, libraries, bookshops and hospitals are all celebrating poetry’s power to bring people together. …

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Avoiding back pain in golf

Poor technique, carrying heavy golf bags, lack of warming up can contribute to neck or back strain.

Follow these tips to avoid back pain in golf and enjoy your sport:

  1. Warm Up – Many golfers don’t warm up at all before a game. If muscles and joints are not prepared before a game then this can increase your chances of strain and injury. …

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Blood Pressure Week - Sept 2019

Know your Numbers!

Blood Pressure Week

9-15th Sept 2019

Know Your Numbers! Blood Pressure Week is the UK’s awareness campaign. It encourages adults across the UK to know their blood pressure numbers and take the necessary action to reach and …

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News, Osteopathy/18th June 2019

Wilmslow Osteopathic Home Care Service


These are for people who can’t get out to my clinic. Perhaps they find the physical effort to get out and come to me is just too much.

I have undergone specific training to help and advise those with

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News, Osteopathy/6th June 2019

Back Pain - Friend or Foe?

Back Pain – Friend or Foe?

Back Pain affects many of us at some time or another doesn’t it? It can be at times debilitating, always inconvenient as it restricts us from doing the things we love – walking, gardening or running.

There are many structures that can be involved in Back Pain  …

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News/23rd May 2019

Fact or Fiction? - Diet Myths

Fact or Fiction?

Busting diet myths

So, how do you tell the difference between a faddy diet or diet myths and one which will help you lose weight at a sensible rate and keep it off?
Look out for the warning signs and beware of these common diet myths:

Diet Myth 1 – Skipping …

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News/24th April 2019

Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

In the UK, one in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 will fracture a bone.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the usually strong support struts that make up the inside of most bones becomes thinner. This can lead to bones becoming fragile and breaking easily, resulting in pain and disability.

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News/23rd March 2018

Is Back Pain Treatment Useless?

“Experts warn Back Pain treatment is useless…”

The Times, 22 March 2018 had a front … read more
News, Nordic Walking/30th October 2017

Wilmslow Health Walks

Wilmslow Health Walks

I am introducing Wilmslow Health Walks for people who’d like to get more active and lose weight with a bit of support.  Many of us find that controlling our weight can be difficult from time to time. Many of us also feel we’d like to exercise more and eat more carefully. Some need a little …

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Events/18th April 2017

On Your Feet Britain Challenge

On Your Feet Britain Challenge

Take a stand for workplace health

Challenge yourself to sit less & move more at work!

First official guidelines say … read more
Events, News/29th January 2017

Raising funds for - local GB Athlete - Dominic O'Gara

Team Wilmslow CAM Clinic raising funds for Local GB Athlete

On 28th January 2017 the team at Wilmslow CAM Clinic swam 34 lengths each to help raise funds for a local GB snowboarding athlete.

The funds raised will help towards GB Snowboardcross team rider Dominic O’Gara’s current race season training. The GB …

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Events, Nordic Walking/27th September 2016

Mindful Nordic Walking - Forthcoming Workshops

Mindful Nordic Walking

Walk well with a relaxed body and mind

Mindful Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to engage the upper body during walking. Involving the upper body takes some of the effort from the lower limbs and propels the body forward. It can help you to …

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Events, Osteopathy/17th September 2016

BackCare Awareness Week 3rd-8th October 2016

BackCare Awareness Week – Caring For Carers

The UK is home to 7 million unpaid carers. These are people who provide care and support to an ailing or disabled family member, friend or neighbour on an ongoing basis. They represent an unpaid and often invisible workforce that saves the Government a staggering £119 billion every year – …

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Events, News/15th September 2016

Blood Pressure Awareness Week Update

Know Your Numbers Week 12-18th September 2016

All week I have been offering free walk- in blood pressure checks for Blood Pressure Awareness Week.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage adults to know their own blood pressure numbers and take the necessary action to reach and maintain …

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Events/12th June 2016

Holistic-Health-Event Sunday 03/07/2016 - 10:30-1:30pm

Heatons Health Hub

Holistic Health Event – Ever wanted to know more about Alternative and Complementary Therapies but didn’t know who to ask?

 Well ask us!

Therapists will be on hand to give you advice and demonstrations on:

Sunday 3rd July 2016, … read more

News, Osteopathy/18th May 2016

25th Anniversary Celebration

June is the beginning of my 25th Anniversary as an Osteopath!

I graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London in 1991. At that time, …

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Back Care Fact Sheets

Slipped Disc by
Julia Kinsey Osteopathy

Have a look around

Waiting area at Julia Kinsey Osteopathy 6C Hawthorn Lane Wilmslow
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What my clients say

If you’re happy with my services, please tell others.

If not, please tell me!

“I have been visiting Julia ever since a bad car accident to help with mobility in my back. The treatment has worked wonderfully and now I am able to live life as normal.”

Kay B (Prestbury)

“I suffer from a stiff lumbar section of my spine owing to the fact I grew up  on a farm and played far too much rugby! I also have a largely sedentary lifestyle and spend a lot of time at the desk or in the car. I regularly see Julia who manipulates my spine to ensure flexibility and to relax the acute  condition. A while ago the condition was quite painful but now I am pain free, in the main. I would have no hesitation in recommending Julia to anyone, and have done so over the years.”

Giles S (Wilmslow)Giles S (Wilmslow)

“I first went to Julia with back pain which gave me migraines. I’m now in a much better place and that is in large part thanks to Julia. She is a first rate professional who blends her different areas of expertise to provide a very personalised service. She is part of a network which allows her provide additional trusted services. She is also a really nice person, not essential but it helps!”

Ian W (Wilmslow)Ian W (Wilmslow)

“Julia has helped me greatly with deep-set neck tension. After having tried many therapies over several years, she was the first person who managed to diagnose the root cause of the problem.”

Eduardo P (Wilmslow)Eduardo P (Wilmslow)


 Registered with the ICO for Data Protection and compliance with GDPR

Member of The Institute of Osteopathy

BUPA and AxA-PPP registered

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