Julia Kinsey Osteopathy

What you may like to know

Here is what you may like to know prior to having an appointment:

  1. Patient forms – information I need to know before I see you.
  2. Consultation and treatment – let’s find out what the problem is and get you out of pain as soon as possible, it can really bring you down!
  3. You start to feel better. How are we going to stop this becoming a recurring theme?
  4. By looking at your weight and body health, we can also see where you are in relation to the healthy ranges. Would you like help and advice with your eating?
  5. Increase your general activity which will help with back and joint pain. Let’s look at ways to get you out and about a bit more. You learn more about Nordic Walking, which fits into most people’s lifestyle. Or let’s talk about alternative ways to get you moving.

Although the affected area may be very sensitive or painful, I will work carefully within your tolerance of pain. Osteopathy massage can be uncomfortable but putting you under too much pain is counter-productive as it will create even more muscle tension. I will use only as much pressure as is necessary to be effective. The minimal necessary force is also used with spinal joint adjustments. I will always stop if you’re feeling too uncomfortable.

Because the problems in the spine develop over time, a “one off” treatment rarely gets to the real root of the problem.  I explain to my clients the benefit of having regular checks to make sure the problem is held at bay. It also prevents a build up of tension and strain. This can prevent unnecessary discomfort and restrictions to your normal daily activities. We can discuss all the various factors that can contribute to a particular neck or back problem such as postural strains and stress, inadequate sleep and inadequate or inappropriate exercise.