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Osteopathy for Sports

Osteopathy for Sports

What are the benefits?

Did you know osteopathy can identify problems related to sports and training? This is by looking at the muscles, bones and tissues affected by injury, postural problems, and training. As a result, this can provide a broad approach which helps to identify wider issues which can contribute to a localised pain or specific complaint. Osteopaths focus on the whole body to find out what is out of balance.

Following a full functional assessment, the problems can be treated using massage, physical manipulation, muscle stretching.  As a result, this ensures your body is in its optimum state and you can function well and confidently.

Sports osteopathy can diagnose and treat current sporting injuries. It can also help in trying to prevent other sporting injuries. Seeing an osteopath regularly means you can enjoy a body that is more ‘in tune’. By doing this the risk of injury can be reduced, regardless of what sporting activities you do.

A routine visit for sports osteopathy can help:

  • Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after workouts
  • Reduce joint restriction and improve joint mobility
  • Break-down scar tissue
  • Reduce your body’s recovery time
  • Encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthen muscles and ligaments
  • Improve muscle tone and performance

For years I’ve been helping runners prepare for events (see here). In return for raising funds for charities, I am willing to offer a reduction in fees for my services for charity runners  with pre and post-run treatment.

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