Julia Kinsey Osteopathy

Care Home Osteopathic Service

I offer a care home osteopathic service to the older adult community.

One of my particular passions is working in the Wilmslow community.  I offer a Care Home Osteopathic Service in the Preston and Wilmslow areas I serve.  This includes those within warden control flats or independent living care homes.

These are for people who can’t get out to my clinic. Perhaps the physical effort to get out and come to me is just too much.

I have previously done work with the local Wilmslow and Preston communities. The specific training I have undergone enables me to help and advise those with DISABILITY AND STABLE MEDICAL CONDITIONS to exercise safely.

I offer a portable Wilmslow care home osteopath consultation service. I bring a treatment table and anything else I need. Treating these clients in their own environment helps them feel safer.

Perhaps you have parents in a care home setting, either independent living or council run in the Wilmslow and Preston areas?

I have also been trained in CHAIR BASED EXERCISE . I am able to provide a 1 hour weekly seated exercise class in the Wilmslow and Preston communities. For a minimal charge per person based in a main care home lounge. I go through all the joints to get them moving in a seated position and get the residents moving about.  They learn the movements and can do it for themselves at other times if they need to.

It’s an easy exercise routine to follow each time. 

The idea is that they don’t need to wait for another week before I come back – whenever they feel stiff or haven’t moved, they can do the exercises I have taught them.

CONTACT ME if you’re interested in getting something organised for your family member and I can speak to the care home involved.

Social activity is good for their memory, learning something new to add to their daily routine. The exercises help with coordination and building muscle mass.

My seated exercise class helps with fall prevention too.

Older adults can fall because they feel unsteady. This can happen if they’re spending a lot of time sitting and then need to get up to use the toilet. For example, they can have a drop in blood pressure.

I teach them to get their body moving a little bit before they need to get up. Get them into the habit of getting their system moving first.  A few calf pump exercises particularly help. This prepares their body into getting up. As a result it can stop them from feeling wobbly and falling, stumbling or losing their footing.

If you would like a free chat about how I could help your Wilmslow and Preston care home residents with their mobility, please call:

07547 631679

Or please CLICK HERE to discuss this any further.